Last updated: 22 hours ago
Recovery 74%
Active 24%
Death 1%



Lab Tests
So far Ethiopia has made a laboratory tests a total of 2,507,403 ( Two Million Five Hundred Seven Thousand Four Hundred Three) out of total population of 117,221,556 ( One Hundred Seventeen Million Two Hundred Twenty One Thousand Five Hundred Fifty Six) which is 2%. The rest 98% are not yet tested

In the Last 22 hours ago, Report in the Case of Ethiopia out of 5,833 Tests made there was 1,603 (27%) Confirmed Cases, 22 Death and 1,330 Recovered. In every 54.6min interval one person died from Coronavirus

Tests reduced by 1,479 from last time
Cases reduced by 189 cases from last time
Death reduced by 20 from last time
Recovery increased by 720 from last time
Critical Patients reduced by 56 cases from last time
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Last updated: 7 minutes ago
Recovery 85%
Active 13%
Death 2%





United States

Recovery 77%
Active 21%
Death 2%

Vaccine Coverage in Your Area

A total of 211,581,309 vaccine have been given in your country. That is 64% of the population have been vaccinated in your nation

Overall Test made to reach the entire population is 130%. Total test made is 430,975,133. Overall Population in United States is 332,553,223

Please be cautious when you travel. Stay home if you have to because out of confirmed 32,483,254 cases there remains active cases 6,855,730 which make the percentage of 21%. Please listen to your official′s instructions when you go out.
Today 8,211 confirmed cases were found, 2,391 recoveries and 128 died
Countries Free of COVID-19

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Pandemic in Ethiopia
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